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Simple Backdrop Agent

Simple Backdrop


For DS. Uses classifier 1 1 29506. This is a 100px by 100px translucent backdrop that sits on the lowest plane, meaning all objects and creatures will appear in front of it. Arrange multiple individual backdrops to form a larger one. Clicking changes the backdrop to a random color. You can also tint these manually, but don’t forget to tack on the command alph 128 1 if you want to retain translucency. (Example: targ hots tint 255 0 128 128 128 alph 128 1.) Warning, having too many of these in a world may slow things down. Will eventually be converted into a Garden Box agent.

Chocolate Vendor Updates

Made some minor changes to the chocolate vendor code and uploaded the fixed version of both the source and compiled agent. Creatures can no longer pick up the vendor, which caused errors. The plane is also altered meaning the chocolate is more likely to stay in front of the vendor.