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Simple Backdrop Agent

Simple Backdrop


For DS. Uses classifier 1 1 29506. This is a 100px by 100px translucent backdrop that sits on the lowest plane, meaning all objects and creatures will appear in front of it. Arrange multiple individual backdrops to form a larger one. Clicking changes the backdrop to a random color. You can also tint these manually, but don’t forget to tack on the command alph 128 1 if you want to retain translucency. (Example: targ hots tint 255 0 128 128 128 alph 128 1.) Warning, having too many of these in a world may slow things down. Will eventually be converted into a Garden Box agent.


This is an agent I made with Norngirl. It is a Jigglypuff music box that will make nearby Creatures fall asleep. It uses classifier 2 21 29510, and instructions can be found in the readme file. Click on the picture to download. For C3 and DS.

Grendel sleeps holding JigglyBox