Weird Nettins

I spliced an ettin and a norn. One of the resulting creatures was a siamese headed nettin. This creature, and any subsequent clones, were fine, but the babies of two such clones were always stillborn. I fixed a few things in the genome, but I could not fix this problem, because I couldn’t identify the exact cause. There are certainly more genes than there should be, but I can’t figure out what the fatal ones are and why they are only expressed in offspring. Here is a breeding pair, they have been force aged to youth and produced one stillborn offspring with the inseminator.

Weird Nettins


One fun thing to do is to get a Creatures 2 genome (these can be found around the web) and inject it into Creatures 3 or Docking Station. The resulting creature will not have a brain, yet still moves around a bit. Try splicing it with normal creatures!

Here is the sole surviving creature from a “batch” mutation experiment with CFE genomes. DS only.